A guide to support workplace inclusion of para-athletes and other people with disabilities

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), in cooperation with the Adecco Group, have been working together for more than ten years to help Olympic and Paralympic athletes in their transition from sports to a new career through the IOC & IPC Athlete Career Programmes (ACP).

ParalympianThere are agreements between Adecco and National Paralympic Committees and National Olympic Committees in over 30 countries to ensure that athletes are prepared to achieve life-long success. Working with Paralympic athletes has shown that employers do not always understand the value athletes and specifically athletes with disabilities can bring to the workforce.

This challenge has triggered the development of a guide for ACP managers who work with athletes and companies on how to focus on abilities rather than on what people cannot do. At the same time, the guide helps to facilitate a clear communication about any reasonable accommodations para-athletes or others persons with disabilities might need to make use of their full professional potential.

The primary objective of the guide is to improve ACP managers’ knowledge on how to best support Paralympic and para-athletes during their job search. The guide focuses on what role specific impairments can play when looking for a job and how athletes can benefit from disclosing their impairments when entering the labour market. It also includes guidance on how to interact appropriately with athletes and other persons with disabilities.

Moreover, it provides an array of further readings that help drive the labour market inclusion for para-athletes and other people with disabilities. The IPC as well as the secretariat of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network have provided their valuable feedback during the development of this guide and it is hoped that the guide will prove useful for the members of the Network and beyond.

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