Employers’ Federation of Ceylon's Network on Disability celebrates ICT Graduation

“When we talk of sustainable enterprises, we need to assure that no one in society is left behind. The Employers’ Network on Disability of the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) - which champions this notion was set up way back in 1999 - is a reflection of the foresight of my predecessors of the requirements in the ever-evolving world of work,” observed the Director General (DG) of the EFC, Kanishka Weerasinghe.

Participants at the awards ceremonyThe EFC’s DG made these remarks at the Award Ceremony of the ICT Training Centre of the Employers’ Network on Disability where 48 persons with disabilities were awarded certificates for the courses they have completed.

The ICT Training Centre which was launched in 2009 with the support of the ILO is the nucleus of the Employers’ Network on Disability. Embracing the vision of “productive employment through social harmony”, its objective is to develop the employability skills of persons with disabilities in the country.

Lauding the Manager for Specialized Training and Disability Resource Centre, Manique Gunaratne, who was recruited by the EFC initially as a role model with disabilities and is now internationally acclaimed for her commitment towards the inclusion of people with disabilities, EFC’s DG further said that her endeavors have become more valid in a setting where the number of visually impaired people is on the rise.

The ILO Country Director, Simrin Singh, urged several other organizations to take a cue from the Disability Code promoted by the EFC. “People with disabilities are underutilized in the workforce and the EFC is facilitating a process of inclusion which is commendable,” noted Simrin Singh, adding that EFC’s efforts in engaging with the private sector to champion the same is praiseworthy.

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