Webinar: What's in a number? Disability data for business change, 4 October 2018, 5pm-6pm (CEST)

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) hosted a webinar on how to monitor and use employees' disability status to drive positive change in business on 4 October 2018, 5pm-6pm (CEST).

As companies change their culture on disability inclusion, how can they use data on employees with disabilities to understand progress and guide inclusion strategies? Gathering information on disability is a sensitive and difficult subject, and asking employees to share their disability status needs to be done carefully.

This webinar brought together a range of experts to explore common challenges and good practices on how businesses can provide spaces for employees to share their disability status. The transcript of the webinar is available for download here.

Angela Matthews from the Business and Disability Forum in the UK shed light on how businesses can approach monitoring of disability and why it contributes to wider change. Angela Matthews' presentation for download here.

Andrea Hall from DXC Technology shared lessons from the global self-identification campaign of a company with clients across 70 countries. Andrea Hall's presentation for download here.

Susanne Bruyere from the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University shared research findings from US companies on the importance of and key factors for disclosure. Susanne Bruyere's presentation for download here.

Ruth Warick from the International Disability Alliance discussed the issue of disclosure of disability from the perspective of employees with disabilities.


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