National Business and Disability Networks

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network includes a number of national business and disability networks that expand the reach of our global network to the national level. The ILO Global Business and Disability Networks encourages the set-up of such national networks, in particular in developing countries.

Below is a list of current national business and disability network members: 

Australian Network on Disability

The Australian Network on Disability (AND) is an organization funded by Australian private and public employers, established to advance the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of business. The AND aims to support its members and other organizations to change their internal behaviors, attitudes and systems, and increase their knowledge so that they can confidently engage with disabled persons. The organization has over 100 members from a range of sectors, including banking, retail, education, recruitment, professional services, manufacturing and public administration.

Austrian DisAbility Business Forum

The Austrian DisAbility Business Forum is the largest B2B-network connecting disability and business in Austria. Its vision is to make the business community a driving force in creating an equal society. The Austrian DisAbility Business Forum builds "disAbility confidence" by empowering its members to fully realize the potential of disabled people as clients and employees. To this end, its inclusive team organises networking events for peer-to-peer exchange of disability knowledge and best practices. The Austrian DisAbility Business Forum also provides support with advisory services and awareness-building workshops and seminars. The Austrian DisAbility Business Forum is managed by the multiple award-winning social entrepreneurship myAbility.

Bangladesh Business and Disability Network

Bangladesh Business and Disability Network (BBDN) is a unique network of employers and employers’ associations formed in collaboration with disability organizations, NGOs and development partners, with a purpose of creating a more disability inclusive workforce in Bangladesh. BBDN is the first Network of its kind in Bangladesh that is bringing together the various stakeholders involved with disability inclusion, to focus on generating employment for people with disabilities, raise awareness about the business case for hiring people with disabilities and serving as the collective voice of employers in the policy discourse. While the Network is led by and targeted towards employers, there is a concerted effort to establish links between the demand and supply side stakeholders to facilitate knowledge sharing on successes and challenges and to promote collaboration.

Blue Ribbon Employer Council, Vietnam

The Blue Ribbon Employer Council (BREC) was established in 2007 as a result of the partnership between USAID grantee Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped VNAH and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. BREC promotes the employment of persons with disabilities in Vietnam.

Business Disability Forum, UK

Business Disability Forum is a not-for-profit member organisation that makes it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people.  It builds disability-smart organisations to improve business performance by increasing confidence, accessibility, productivity and profitability. This is done by bringing together business people, disabled opinion leaders and government to understand what needs to change if disabled people are to be treated fairly so that they can contribute to business success, to society and to economic growth.

Business Mauritius

Business Mauritius is an independent association that represents over 1200 local businesses and has, through them, a national, regional and international reach. Business Mauritius is the coordinating body and the voice of local business, and delivers services that sustain the progress of both business and community.

BusinessNZ, New Zealand

Advocating for enterprise and promoting the voice of thousands of businesses across New Zealand, BusinessNZ works for positive change through new thinking, productivity and innovation.

Canadian Business SenseAbility

Canadian Business SenseAbility is a national not-for-profit business network that offers expertise and resources to help businesses across Canada turn disability into business opportunity. It offers one-stop source of information and advice on disability inclusion from a Canadian business perspective.

Come CloSeR to Disability Task Force, Poland

The Come CloSeR to Disability Task Force is a group set up after the 2016 edition of the Come CloSeR Show on the basis of the “Business Closer to Disability” declaration signed back then. The group includes representatives of a dozen or so international companies and independent experts specialising in issues related to diversity and disability.

Círculo de Empresas Inclusivas, El Salvador

The Círculo de Empresas Inclusivas (Circle of Inclusive Companies) supports companies in becoming more inclusive of people with disabilities and provides advice on issues like hiring staff with disabilities and change of organizational culture.

Egyptian Business and Disability Network

In December 2015, a group of businesses operating in Egypt with a shared interest in inclusive employment opportunities established a network in which they regularly share experiences, challenges, and solutions on hiring people with disabilities. The Egyptian Business and Disability Network includes 14 diverse companies - from small to very large employers, both nationally owned as well as multinational corporations.

Employers’ Network on Disability, Sri Lanka

The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC), with funding from the ILO, developed the Employers’ Network on Disability with the objective of facilitating employment and training opportunities in the private sector for disabled job seekers, which was officially launched in the year 2000. The object of forming the Network is to have a link between the business community and the organizations dealing with disability issues to facilitate mainstreaming its work.

Ethiopian Business and Disability Network

The Ethiopian Business and Disability Network (EBDN) addresses disability as a diversity issue from a private-sector perspective. It does this through information and knowledge sharing, joint action, improving technical skills of members, their networks and staff, and through corporate social responsibility activities. It assists local companies to adapt products and services to the needs of customers with disabilities.

Foro Inserta Responsable, Spain

Sponsored by Fundación ONCE and the European Social Fund, the Foro Inserta Responsable (FIR) is a business network in Spain that provides its members with an open space for social innovation. Its main goal is to promote training and employment for people with disabilities and share good CSR and disability inclusion practices. FIR helps and encourages companies to employ people with disabilities, and its members receive all range of HR services trough FSC Inserta. FIR currently has more than 80 members, including multinational companies, prominent business schools, disability movement representatives and CSR think tanks.

Indonesia Business and Disability Network

With support from the ILO, five companies established the Indonesia Business and Disability Network (IBDN) in Jakarta in December 2016. THE IBDN's mission is to encourage business communities in Indonesia to be more inclusive and conducive for disability inclusion through exchange of information and experiences as well as sustainable and mutually beneficial programme collaboration between companies.

Movimiento Congruencia, Mexico

Movimiento Congruencia is an initiative of the Mexican business sector which, together with social organizations and educational institutions, aims to provide equal opportunities and inclusion of person with disabilities in the workplace. The companies that participate in Movimiento Congruencia recognize the benefits of the diverse talent that people with disabilities represent and are willing to share their practices with other organizations.

National Business and Disability Council, United States

The National Business & Disability Council (NBDC) at The Viscardi Center is an employer organization and comprehensive resource for disability best practices. Its corporate partners are predominantly Fortune 1000 companies and government employers committed to disability diversity.

Qaderoon Business Disability Network, Saudi Arabia

The Qaderoon Network is an organization that aims to provide guidance, advice, trainings and best practice to employers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a view to facilitate the recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities, through favourable government policy and disability confident work environment. Qaderoon works in coordination with multiple stakeholders, including governmental entities, the private sector and non-profit organizations.

Red de Empresas Inclusivas, Chile

The Red de Empresas Inclusivas (Inclusive Business Network) is hosted by the Federation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA) and aims to encourage, collaborate with and advise companies with reagrds to the inclusion of people with disabilities. The network relies on a collaborative approach between the the different entities involved in this process, i.e. business sector, public authorities and civil society.

Red de Empresas Inclusivas, Costa Rica

The Red de Empresas Inclusivas (Inclusive Business Network) is a network of more than 60 companies in Costa Rica created with the purpose to increase the hiring of people with disabilities, exchange good practices between members and improve the image of the working population with disabilities in the country. This network is an initiative from the Costa Rican Business Association for Development (Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo), supported by the OAS, ILO, UNDP and the Ministry of Labour of Costa Rica.

Red Iberoamericana de Empresas Inclusivas, Ibero-America

The Red Iberoamericana de Empresas Inclusivas (Ibero-American Network of Inclusive Companies) brings together companies committed to disability incusil in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The Network’s objective is to foster a business culture that values diversity in the labour market and promotes work places inclusive of persons with disabilities. Developed within the framework of the "Programme for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Ibero-America", and coordinated by the Ibero-American Social Security Organization (OISS) with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), the Network formalises the disability inclusion work carried out with various companies and business networks in the region.

Red Peruana de Empresas y Discapacidad, Peru

Established with support from the ILO, the Red Peruana de Empresas y Discapacidad (Peruvian Business and Disability Network) aims to promote the strategic cooperation among employers, persons with disabilities and government authorities, so decent and productive work for people with disabilities becomes a reality in the country.

Rede Empresarial de Inclusão Social, Brazil

The Rede Empresarial de Inclusão Social (Business Network for Social Inclusion) is the first and only business group exclusively dedicated to disability inclusion in the workplace in Brazil. Led by Serasa Experian, the network's current 58 multinational and Brazilian member companies develop joint products, debate and share experiences and difficulties encountered in hiring and training persons with disabilities, actively engaging public authorities.

South African Employers for Disability

South African Employers for Disability (SAE4D) is a non-profit business network that promotes the recruitment, retention and development of people with disabilities in the workplace in South Africa. It helps its members to ably deal with the array of issues and questions that arise in creating effective inclusion practices and policies, especially in what concerns compliance with the South African legal framework.

UnternehmensForum, Germany

The UnternehmensForum is a nationwide and cross-sectoral network of companies which aims to enable people with disabilities to participate fully in working life. To this end, the network is developing measures and recommendations for recruiting as well as developing the skills of people with disabilities. Another use is the promotion of best-practice examples. The particular approach lies in the employers point of view to use all opportunities and potential.

Zambia Business and Disability Network

The Zambia Business and Disability Network (ZBDN) aims at raising awareness among employers about the positive relationship between the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and business success.


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