Alianza Éntrale: inclusion in Mexico

14 Apr 2020

There are 7.8 million people with disabilities in Mexico but, unfortunately, they have 82% fewer job opportunities due to the fear of companies to decrease their productivity.

That is why four years ago, the Mexican Business Council created Alianza Éntrale in order to strengthen the culture of labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

Alianza Éntrale is a promoter of public policies for inclusion and a communicating agent of a more inclusive culture in Mexico. Above all, it seeks to connect the business sector, strategic allies and people with disabilities to facilitate their hiring, retention and development within the labor market.

It provides guidance and support to companies to identify their opportunity areas o and offer them tools to strengthen their internal culture of inclusion, so in 2017 they developed the Labor Inclusion Index for People with Disabilities, a tool that allows their allies to self-diagnose the company’s processes, analyzing how accessible and inclusive they are. And, based on each company’s results, Éntrale establishes a personalized work plan with and for them.

In just four years, more than 520 companies have joined Alianza Éntrale, creating jobs for more than 6,300 people.

Éntrale is convinced that a more diverse population and a more inclusive culture generates more humane and responsible organizations. That is why it continues to work on building a more inclusive culture in Mexico. A culture where respect and tolerance are principles of coexistence, where the value and dignity of a person are determined only by his BEING and not by his LOOKS.

We want to collaborate with the reduction of discrimination in our country. We believe in a Mexico where we all fit.” – Alex Olhovich, Honorary President of Alianza Éntrale