SumaRSE promotes labor inclusion of People with Disabilities in Panama

29 Oct 2018

SumaRSE is the organization that promotes corporate social responsibility in Panama and represents the United Nations Global Compact. Since 2013, SumaRSE has promoted workgroups and workshops aimed at companies to receive training and contribute toward changes in cultural and organizational management, that allows them to incorporate people with disabilities into their workforce. This process has included generating partnerships with government institutions and NGOs to articulate the efforts that all sectors should make to comply with sustainable development.

In this regard, SumaRSE applies a dynamic methodology, created with the participation of companies, which contemplates a series of theoretical and practical steps to generate integral training processes regarding the workplace inclusion of people with disabilities. Spaces to exchange experiences have been generated with 39 companies, allowing them to understand concepts and tools to initiate the necessary adjustments for the effective and sustainable hiring of people with disabilities.

In 2018, SumaRSE continued with the permanent training of our membership, including through workshops in July and August on the labour market inclusion of persons with disabilities, held jointly with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The participants learned about concepts and tools to generate a workplace inclusion plan adapted to their company, taking into account internal policies and governance. The 8 companies, whose human resources staff took part, were Tocumen Airport, Banco General, Banco La Hipotecaria, Cia. Climatizadora, Credicorp Bank, Medcom, Panama Ports Company and Sura. There are more than 10,000 employees working at these companies.