Company self-assessment on mental health

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The GBDN has developed a mental health self-assessment tool for companies to guide them in successfully addressing mental health issues at work. The tool will allow you to assess your company’s current practices related to mental health. It serves as a general guideline and is intended for use by HR professionals, OSH specialists, managers, or any other professional with knowledge about company mental health practices.

The tool is broken down into questions in following sections:

Each section contains a brief description, a general multiple-choice question and several yes/no questions followed by the space intended for additional comments, if any. One general question, assessing how advanced you consider your organization is in demonstrating good mental health practices, is provided at the end of the tool.

Upon completing the self-assessment tool, you will be provided with feedback and have the option to download your results. Your answers will be available in PDF format, along with graphic illustrations on how successfully your organization addresses mental health in the particular section. This will enable your company not only to identify strengths or gaps and compare results from individual sections but to enhance your policies and practices addressing different aspects of mental health.

Mental health and well-being promotion

Mental health and well-being promotion includes proactive strategies which aim to promote good mental health and/or prevent the occurrence of work-related stress or other mental health conditions. These strategies, intended for all employees, mainly focus on improving working conditions, reducing psychosocial risks at work and/or assisting employees to enhance their own mental health and well-being.

Please mark the answer below which most accurately describes how your organization addresses promotion of employee mental health and well-being.

Companies can enhance employee mental health and well-being in various ways, by implementing specific individual and organizational-level strategies. Please answer does your company incorporate any of the following procedures and practices, by checking the appropriate box.

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle (healthy nutrition, physical activity such as “training during breaks”, etc.)
  • flexible working hours
  • Psychosocial risk assessment and corresponding interventions
  • Mental health and well-being promotion materials (brochures, factsheets, intranet sites, posters, etc)
  • Individual-level strategies (enhancing employee resilience or coping strategies, etc.)
  • Other