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Bundesgesetz über die Gleichstellung von Menschen mit Behinderungen 2005

Quota legislation

4% in the public and private sector.

The quota law requires employers with more than 24 employees to employ one registered disabled person per 25 employees. In order to count towards the quota, a person must be certified by a medical doctor as having only 50% of the capabilities of a non–disabled person. Furthermore, hiring a wheelchair user or blind worker, who is below 19 years and above 55 years of age or who is above 50 years old with 30% of the capabilities of a non–disabled person, are counted as double when measuring quota compliance. This acts as an incentive to hire both younger and older people with disabilities. Companies which fail to meet the quota are liable to pay a compulsory “equalisation levy” of at least 238 euros per month. On the other hand, companies can receive an equivalent amount as an incentive payment for each disabled apprentice they take on.

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