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Brazilian Federal Constitution 1988

Any sort of discrimination to the people with disabilities is punishable with fine and imprisonment of 1 to 4 years.

Quota legislation

Law 8213 of 1991 includes

A certain percentage of people with disabilities should be fulfilled in the required position, if the companies has more than 100 employees;
from 100 to 200 employees: 2 percent
from 201 to 500 employees : 3 percent
from 501 to 1000 employees: 4 percent
more than 1000: 5 percent

It provides an employee victim of a work-related accident or having acquired an occupational illness has the right to keep his employment for a minimum period of 12 months following his return.

Other legislations:

Federal law 7853 of 1989 has articles about vocational training for the persons with disabilities and about the transition to the formal labour market.

Federal law 9394 includes the people with disability should preferably attend regular schools, alongside non-disabled students.

Section II of decree 3292 of 1988 guarantees the access to all levels of education for person with disabilities
article 28 specifically concerns access to the professional qualifications to the people with disabilities to provide opportunities in labour market

Federal law 11788 of 2008 (Internship Law) Companies with more than 100 employees that opt to have an internship program must reserve 10% of its internship posts for interns with disabilities. The maximum duration of an internship at the same company is of 2 years, except for persons with disabilities, for whom the duration is not specified.

National business and disability networks or initiatives