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Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia, 1993 (amended 1999), recognizes fundamental
human rights, equal rights to employment, and equal pay for equal work.

Law on the Protection and the Promotion of the Rights of People with Disabilities (2009),
provides for the right of people with disabilities to be employed without discrimination in the public
and private sectors. It requires an employer, who employs more than a certain number of full-time
employees, to employ a proportional number of full-time disabled people. It further requires that
reasonable accommodation be made at the workplace.

Quota legislation

2% for the public sector, 1% for the private sector, public sector institutions with 50 or more employees.
Private sector employers with 100 or more employees. Non compliance as stated in Article 56 of the Law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Relevant organisations, including INGOs