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The Constitution guarantees equal rights for persons with disabilities in Romania, as well as the prevention of any form of discrimination, is ensured through the Constitution (article 16, Equality in rights)

The Labour code of Romania (Article 5 (2)) states that any direct or indirect discrimination against an employee, based on criteria such as sex, sexual orientation, genetic characteristics, age, national origin, race, colour of the skin, ethnic origin, religion, political options, social origin, disability, family conditions or responsibilities, union membership or activity, shall be prohibited.

The Law 448/2006, Chapter V refers to the non-discrimination in employment and workplace adaptations; Employers are offered a deduction of tax on profits when they adapt workplaces for persons with disabilities, equal to the amount invested in (a) this adaptation of the workplace, plus (b) the transportation of persons with disabilities to/from the work place, plus (c) the cost of on-the-job training of the person.

Quota legislation

Public institutions and private companies are also submitted to a quota system for the employment of persons with disabilities (4% of positions have to be occupied by disabled persons, in the case of companies with more than 50 employees).

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