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The Loi d’orientation sociale n° 2010-15 du 6 juillet 2010 relative à la promotion et à la protection des droits des personnes handicapées (Social Framework Act No. 2010-15) provides for the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities. The provisions regarding reasonable accommodation set forth in the Convention are reflected in Social Framework Act No. 2010-15. It provides for various measures of protection, assistance and support and establishes that the treatment and care of persons with disabilities constitute a national obligation (art. 5). The ban on discrimination has been fully incorporated into Social Framework Act No. 2010-15 of 6 July 2010, which stipulates, in particular, that there must be no discrimination on the basis of disability in development projects and programmes run by the State or by partner organizations (art. 14).

Quota legislation

In addition to the principle of non-discrimination set out in the Constitution and the occupational health and safety rules set out in the Labour Code (arts. L180), Senegal has set a minimum access quota for persons with mental and physical disabilities in the civil service and in private companies.

Relevant organisations, including INGOs