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Labour Code No. 4857  regulates the working conditions and work-related rights and obligations of
employers and employees working under an employment contract.

Quota legislation

Yes, private and public sector employers who employ fifty or more workers have to recruit people with disabilities at an amount that is based on a percentage of the total amount of employees. This percentage is decided annually by the Council of Ministers. Employers shall recruit such employees through the Public Employment Organisation of Turkey. In the event of violations of this clause the fines which will be collected according to Article 101 shall be appropriated as income to a special account of the Turkish Employment Organisation which will be opened by the Ministry of Finance. The money thus collected in this account shall be transferred to the Turkish Employment Organisation to be spent for the vocational training and rehabilitation of the disabled or for promoting self-employment businesses or similar projects for such people. (Labour Code No. 4857, Article 30)

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