At Xignux, inclusion is a commitment and continuous work

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28 Jun 2023

Xignux is a group of companies driven by 29 thousand energisers. They provide solutions in two large industries: energy and food and operate in three countries. Their solutions to energise life reach more than 35 countries, expanding on what was started 65 years ago in Nuevo León.

Xignux believes that the energy and talent of people is more important than any other characteristic; therefore, more than 10 years ago they started the “INTEGRA” programme through which they promote a culture of inclusion by offering employment opportunities to persons with disabilities. This programme has been evolving and strengthening year after year, because the company has learned more and more about disability and inclusion, thanks to the alliances they have developed with organisations such as Movimiento Congruencia, persons with disabilities, and other companies that take action to include persons with disabilities in the workforce.

Some of the key elements for the success of the Integra programme in the 10 different factories where it is implemented are: involvement of the organisation’s leaders, communication between the recruitment areas and the areas with vacancies, raising awareness in the organisation, ensuring everyone’s safety, and continuously seeking opportunities for improvement. Thanks to these elements, Xignux has been strengthening the programme and in 2022, they were able to complete the necessary remodelling to have fully accessible facilities for persons with disabilities.

Currently, the Integra programme has more than 50 employees, of which more than 20% have capitalised on their experiences and competencies by getting new positions. Xignux recognises that inclusion is something they must continue to promote in their companies and in society, so they continue to work on it.

Xignux invites you to learn more about the experiences with their collaborators by viewing these videos.