BDF launches new global guide to building inclusive workspaces

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2 May 2022

Business Disability Forum (BDF) has published a new global guide showing how employers can make their built environments accessible to the one billion people in world who have a disability. Having a disability can affect how a person accesses, navigates, and uses the spaces and structures around them. Built environments include everything from entrances, exits, stairs, lifts, signage, to parking, green spaces, roads, and transport systems.

Sponsored by HSBC, ‘Access for all: Creating inclusive global built environments’ is a timely report which helps employers and businesses think about how they build back better post-COVID-19. The research considers the needs of disabled people when accessing spaces.

The guide covers:

  • What is an inclusive built environment?
  • Why creating inclusive environments is important for disabled people and employers
  • The challenges facing global businesses when creating accessible and inclusive spaces.
  • How to create an inclusive built environment strategy.

The guidance is aimed at anyone involved in influencing and making decisions about an organisation’s built spaces, especially at a global level.

Diane Lightfoot, CEO of Business Disability Forum, said:

“Creating spaces which are inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities can help businesses to attract and retain employees. Increasing efficiency and productivity, supporting sustainability, ensuring legal compliance, and enhancing reputation, are just some of the benefits. We know that developing a global built environment strategy can present challenges and can seem overwhelming. Our new guide provides the tools needed to create spaces that work for everyone – wherever they are in the world.”

Michelle Hey, Global Head of Corporate Services, HSBC, said

“The benefits of accessible and inclusive workplaces are multiple and well proven. The guidance provided by Business Disability Forum in this report is an excellent way for all organisations to embrace the change that is needed.”

Access the guide on BDF’s Knowledge Hub.