CONNECT – an event for job-seekers with disabilities

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9 Mar 2020

Movimiento Congruencia, as a business association promoting, facilitating and raising awareness on the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, believes it is essential to create a space where people with disabilities and talent-seeking businesses can get together. One of the ways of fostering it is through CONNECT, an event which will be hold periodically in order to create a space for job-seekers with disabilities, businesses and supporting associations where they can share recommendations and bond with other colleagues and stakeholders.

The first CONNECT event took place on December 2, 2019, on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. EGADE Business School in Monterrey (Mexico) hosted the event, which over 60 people attended, and where 39 job positions and 77 employment opportunities in many Mexican companies were presented. People with disabilities attending the event applied for those vacancies according to their talents and skills. There were also three lectures on recommendations for job-seekers: ‘Your talent is more important than your label’, by María Raquenel Chao Villarreal, ‘Survival kit for job-seekers’, by Mauricio Leal Goldstein, and ‘Professional leadership and disability’, by Maryangel García-Ramos Guadiana. You can take a peek at our first CONNECT event on:

The second CONNECT event will take place on April 2020, where people with disabilities will be able to find more job opportunities, to attend workshops and lectures to foster their talents and skills, and to connect with other businesses and associations, with other people with disabilities and with themselves.

 Are you a person with disabilities or an inclusive business, organization or institution? You can join our next CONNECT event and share your experiences or the vacancies available at your workplace. For more information, please send us an email at