In Capgemini, Ability Never Goes Unnoticed

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27 Feb 2022

Capgemini benefits from the talents of 325,000 colleagues in 50 different countries, each representing different social and cultural values. The company recognizes that many of them face additional challenges – among them are people with disabilities or neurodivergence.

Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December 2021, Capgemini launched the global awareness campaign “Ability never goes unnoticed”, articulated around three key objectives :

Visibility : Capgemini employees with disabilities shared their personal experience through a series of videos and webinars. Gamification helped their colleagues to put themselves in their shoes and our managers to feel more equipped to make their teams more inclusive.

Accessibility : Capgemini’s Global IT Team launched an extensive assessment and remediation program, to make sure our apps and software are accessible to people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairment.

Community : To create a safe space and opportunities for local teams to cooperate, Capgemini launched the global taskforce CapAbility to coordinate the company’s respective action plans and leverage best practices across the Group beyond local legal obligations. 12 countries have joined so far.

It is the first step to shift the conversation to how we can empower people with disabilities to confidently talk about what they need and to thrive in the workplace.