India Business and Disability Network online training programme

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28 Jun 2023

The India Business and Disability Network (IBDN) is rolling out its 4th annual training programme – “CREATING DISABILITY INCLUSIVE LEADERS @ WORKPLACEstarting from 3rd August 2023 onwards.

The vision of the IBDN online training programme is to equip and build a cadre of workplace diversity champions for the Indian Industry who can advocate, implement, and foster an inclusive ecosystem within their companies. The programme assists in formulating a clear strategy to foster inclusion, promote accessibility, and create a culture that empowers employees with disabilities to reach their full potential at work.

This year, there will be 7 modules covering relevant topics related to inclusion in workplace and each module will be delivered through an online class (over MS Teams). The duration for each session will be 2 hours and will have subject experts. The course modules will be on the following topics:

Module 1: What and why disability inclusion at workplace – compliances and mandates on inclusion of persons with disabilities and sensitisation

Module 2: Framework to building inclusion at workplace – inclusion framework: four pillars of disability confident organisations

Module 3: Equal opportunity policy/diversity policy at workplace – inclusive policies and governance, how to develop the policies and strategies and basic sign language training

Module 4: Understanding accessibility and physical accessibility – services, reasonable/workplace and accommodation, awareness and sensitisation

Module 5: Effective recruitment of hiring – job identification, mapping, recruitment strategies and role of diversity leaders

Module 6: Understanding neurodiversity – inclusion of neurodiversity at workplace

Module 7: Disability inclusion global best practices – anecdotes of companies (national and international)

Download the online training programme here