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2 Jan 2020

Disability and Inclusion is part of Merck’s DNA and it is demonstrated not only in HR efforts but in Merck’s Supplier Diversity efforts. During the Disability Employment Awareness Month, Merck celebrated the 2019 Economic Impact Summit hosted by the Economic Inclusion and Supplier Diversity Team.

With focus on disability, Merck added important items to the agenda to ensure its suppliers understand the importance of disability inclusion and more importantly, how to have an accessible workforce. “Accessibility, the Dos and Don’ts from industry leaders” was the topic.

Speakers in the panel included: Jill Houghton- President and CEO of Disability:IN, Merck Disability Owned Business, Merck Business units leaders and Lainey Feingold-Lainey, a lawyer, who works with blind individuals and their organizations. She also works with people with other disabilities.

Lainey worked on the first legal agreements in the country about Talking ATMs. Lainey has also worked to make print information available to blind people in Braille, Large Print and audio formats. Instead of litigation, she uses a process known as Structured Negotiations. With this method, she works with businesses and governments on issues that are important to the blind community. Event Video Link: