Launch of the Argentinian Business and Disability Network

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6 Jul 2022

On 2 June, the launch of the Argentinian Business and Disability Network (Red de Empresas Inclusivas Argentina) was publicly announced at the auditorium of the Government House in Buenos Aires. This initiative brings together public and private companies and organizations committed towards the labor inclusion of people with disabilities in Argentina.

During this launching event, the nascent network joined the ILO Global Business Disability Network and the Ibero-American Network of Inclusive Companies (RIEI), of the Ibero-American Social Security Organization (OISS).

Among the participants were Sergio Scappini, General Director for Employment at the local Government of Buenos Aires; Juan Pablo Ordoñez, Director for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Argentina; Leonardo Ruiz, President of the Commission for the Full Participation and Inclusion of People with Disabilities (COPIDIS);  Valeria Guerra, Human Rights Advisor in United Nations System Argentina; Stefan Trömel, Senior Disability Specialist at the International Labour Organization (ILO); Holman Jiménez, Technical Secretary of the RIEI; Rodrigo Carvajal, Vice-President of the Chilean Network of Inclusive Companies, and Aníbal García Sellanes, Enrique Herrera and Gustavo Elizalde, members of the Steering Committee of the Uruguayan Network of Inclusive Companies, among other authorities and special guests.

This event also witnessed the announcement of the workplan for the second half of 2022, which includes the hosting of Expo Inclusion (, a virtual job fair for people with disabilities that will take place on December 1-4, 2022), the inception of the CEOs for Inclusion Alliance (a form of affirmative action to promote the Network of Inclusive Companies, which aims at involving and engaging the senior directors of businesses to promote inclusion), the organization of the Business and Disability Conference: The Path Towards Inclusion (a forum that will bring together governmental organizations, inclusive businesses and civil society representatives) and the launching of the Inclusive Practice Community (a forum to exchange experiences and best practices between businesses and organizations).

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