Let’s build a great nation together: Panel Rey builds better opportunities through inclusion

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24 Aug 2022

Panel Rey is a proud Mexican company founded in 1986. We are currently the largest producer of gypsum panels in Latin America, and we offer a comprehensive system of lightweight construction, based on a galvanized steel structure covered with drywall. Our products are manufactured in our 5 plants located in the states of Nuevo León, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosí, Baja California, and México, thanks to the great effort of our over 1100 employees.

Ever since our early days, we have always strived for a people-centered approach, for our employees and the communities where we operare are the driving force allowing us to build a great nation together.

Consequently, we launched a pilot program at our plant in San Luis Potosí which aimed at hiring people with hearing or mobility impairment. For this mindful inclusion project to be successful, there were two main prerequisites: raising awareness on the subject among our staff, and adjusting our workspace after having identified the areas allowing for certain tasks to be carried out safely. The positions filled through this program have been maintained, and four out of the 150 people working at the plant were hired via this program. Our aim is to replicate this project in other plants.

In addition to this initiative, we have also put in place several inclusion policies and practices over the years, so that the members of our great family, especially those belonging to traditionally vulnerable groups, do not perceive that their individual differences are an obstacle for the growth and development of their careers in Panel Rey.