Making the green transition inclusive for persons with disabilities

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15 Nov 2023

The green transition can offer job opportunities for people with disabilities. Realizing this potential will require inclusive training, education, and sector-specific accessibility measures, among other things, says the new report “Making the Green Transition Inclusive for Persons with Disabilities” by the ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) and the ONCE Foundation.

The report highlights that a transition cannot be considered “just” if it ignores the persistent marginalization of people with disabilities in the labour market or exacerbates the already disproportionate effects of climate change on them.

With the appropriate policies, the work transformation induced by climate change can alleviate job polarization due to digitalization, generating middle-skilled jobs, says the report. It also underscores that incorporating individuals with disabilities can offer valuable perspectives to companies, fostering sustainability and innovation.

The report, developed in the framework of the Disability Hub Europe, a project led by the ONCE Foundation and co-funded by the European Social Fund, was presented during the ILO GBDN 10th Global Annual Conference “Disability in sustainability efforts: businesses leading the way”.