Movimiento Congruencia launches the Include Awards 2019

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9 Jul 2019

Every year, the Include Awards of Movimiento Congruencia acknowledge best practices of social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities in Mexico.

Movimiento Congruencia promotes, raises awareness and facilitates the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, and it is therefore essential for us to recognize and periodically disseminate the efforts of companies, organizations and educational institutions aiming at achieving social and labor inclusion. The Include Awards, granted every year and divided in six categories, are a way of recognising and spreading best practices in talent inclusion.

The 7th edition of the Include Awards demonstrated that more and more businesses and institutions are joining the mission of achieving an inclusive Mexico. In 2018, a total of 53 companies, academic institutions, civil society movements, and other organizations from different Mexican states participated. Their practices were assessed by the External Evaluation Committee, which is composed of labor inclusion and social responsibility experts.


Winners of the Include Awards 2018:

– Employment of people with disabilities: Grupo Lala

– Accessibility: Technological University of La Laguna Durango

– Inclusive Value Chain: Monterey Institute of Technology (Mexico)

– Awareness-raising: Daimler Buses México

– Community Bonding: Gst Manufacturas de México

– Inclusive Education: Technological University of Linares


The practice of Grupo Lala, the winner of the Employment of People with Disabilities Award, consisted of implementing a Labor Inclusion Program launched in 2015 as a pilot project in 3 of its plants, which later became a cross-cutting project applied to the rest of their plants and administrative sections. This program benefits people with disabilities, so they can thrive personally and in their workplace. Grupo Lala has also benefited from it, because teamwork increased and absenteeism considerably decreased in those teams where people with disabilities had been included, promoting operational efficiency and generating greater profitability to the business.

To see the call for the Include Awards 2019 and the winning practices between 2012 and 2018, please go to the website of Movimiento Congruencia: (in Spanish) or send an email to