Movimiento Congruencia supports education to promote inclusion in the workplace

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26 Aug 2019

Movimiento Congruencia is building alliances with educational institutions to grant full scholarships to people with disabilities for vocational training.

After 15 years of promoting, raising awareness and facilitating the labor inclusion of people with disabilities in Mexico, Movimiento Congruencia has confirmed that education is essential for the successful labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Education should be viewed from three different optics: education for people with disabilities, at home, schools and universities, with the help of supporting tools; education on each disability and on inclusive culture, at family, school, training, labor, media and society levels; and business education on labor inclusion.

These three educational perspectives are crucial to guarantee that people with disabilities can meet the requirements of a certain vacancy and that they can fully grow within an inclusive company that is fully informed and equipped to handle their employment. Since its origins, Movimiento Congruencia, an organization belonging to the business sector, is promoting business education on disability and labor inclusion through talks, activities, courses, workshops and the +Talent Diploma in project development for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, which is offered in collaboration with EGADE Business School and Éntrale.

In order to strengthen education for people with disabilities, it is essential for us to build alliances with educational institutions and to create opportunities so that more people with disabilities have the chance to study, since education is an essential enabling tool for labor inclusion. For this reason, Movimiento Congruencia signed an alliance with the University of Monterrey (UDEM) in 2018 aimed at creating opportunities and providing educational support for students with disabilities. Thanks to this synergy, two full scholarships were granted this year to two students with motor disabilities to start their vocational studies on the August-December Semester 2019.