Neurodivergent people: an untapped source of talent

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6 Jul 2022

Capgemini’s efforts in having a diverse workforce that represents society in all its richness and offers equal opportunity to all talent goes beyond gender. Capgemini is convinced that people with a disability, neurodivergence in particular, are a growing source of talent for the digital economy.

Neurodivergent employees are often recognized for their attention to detail, pattern recognition, inferential reasoning, mathematics and coding skills, timeliness, and for offering innovative, creative solutions, amongst many other capabilities. These specific abilities match perfectly well with a number of roles Capgemini has: in AI, data, coding or testing for instance.

Thanks to the new remote and hybrid ways of working and the support of technology, there are increasingly lesser constraints to include them in the work environment.

Capgemini has launched several initiatives to offer more opportunities for the neurodivergent persons:

  • France has organised an awareness event on “troubles dys”.
  • Australia and New Zealand have a dedicated Employee Network on Neurodiversity.
  • in the UK, the company provided internships for 12 people on the autism spectrum through a partner (Ambitious about Autism) and hired 7 amongst those; the same partner helps train managers who are managing neurodivergent employees­ – an essential element of the programme.
  • As part of the Emerging Talent Pathways diversity recruiting program, Capgemini US launched a pilot programme with two new partners focused on neurodivergent talent acquisition; the partner organizations provide services to help recruit, assess and match talent; once a candidate is placed, they provide education to management and coworkers, as well as support the employee through coaching services.

Capgemini’s pilot approach is important as the company works on creating equitable opportunities in a sustainable manner. Change management is a key success factor, to create a new mindset while sharing concrete tools and tips across the organisation, with specific focus on recruiters and managers.