Orange Business Services in Brazil promotes an inclusive workplace

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24 Jun 2020

Orange Business Services in Brazil increases awareness to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

One of the main objectives covered by the global agreement on workplace gender equality signed by Orange Group with UNI Global Union in July 2019 is to urge Orange’s subsidiaries to form dedicated Committees. Last year, Orange Business Services (OBS) in Brazil formed a Diversity Committee that is entitled to accomplish all the initiatives that reinforce diversity in the workplace and ensures there is no discrimination in the company.

In Brazil, OBS is exceeding the legal obligation with 3.97% of employees with disabilities in the workforce. Beyond the 3% legal obligation of recruitment, OBS Brazil aims to be an Equal Opportunity Employer by putting in practice a good work-life balance, offering an accessible work environment adapted to special needs, and by investing in the employees’ personal and professional development.

OBS Brazil aims to raise awareness to promote a sustainable inclusion of employees with disabilities within the company organizing several events annually, such as lectures during the International Day of People with Disabilities, or sports tournaments for the Inclusion Workers Games in which disabled staff members meet with representatives of other companies. Family members are invited to come at these special events because this is a great opportunity for them to become aware of the daily work activities done by their relatives. OBS Brazil is always looking for a way to include relatives in the work routine of disabled employees to showcase their relevance to the activities of Orange and to value their skills.

“We know that we have a legal requirement to have people with disabilities, but to us, it’s not only a law concern, we do it because we do believe in this cause! This is the way Orange promotes empowerment and inclusion, by sharing information and testimonials to increase awareness.” says Priscila Martins, HR Consultant at OBS Brazil.