Orange France gives a voice to its employees to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in the company

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29 Oct 2019

In January 2019, Orange France launched an “OZ Disability Challenge”, aiming at collectively mobilize employees around the topic of inclusion of persons with disabilities in the company.

Using the “OZ Challenge” platform, HR Expertise Department asked 3,500 employees to brainstorm and submit ideas on “How can we be more attentive and better support our colleagues with disabilities and work better together?”

The initiative, in addition to raising awareness and address disability in the workplace, seeks above all to give a voice to the employees of Orange France Headquarters. In a few months, 160 employees spoke up, 80 comments were posted and 34 creative ideas were submitted on the platform. A jury – made up of members of HR Expertise, the Disability Inclusion Mission (MIH) and Diversity Orange France departments – awarded three winning ideas in May and suggested practical solutions for the inclusion and support of employees with disabilities, knowledge of the different forms of disability and several awareness actions.

Since then, the HR Expertise teams have been working on establishing working groups to help these three ideas to come to life, bringing together the employees whose ideas have been selected, employees with disabilities and various actors within the area of Diversity (Disability Inclusion Mission, Diversity managers and HR team members). Each project will be validated and worked jointly with the specific departments, including Communication, to be deployed to all Orange divisions in France.