Orange Group & Sonatel are committed to people with disabilities in Senegal

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19 Aug 2019

Sonatel (Orange Senegal) has set up a new Disability Policy to provide inclusion and support to people with disabilities. As a digital and caring employer, Orange believes that diversity is a key success factor to support the changes affecting the telecom industry. Orange Group has a consistent approach to hire, include and accompany people with disabilities in the company at a global scale. Orange subsidiaries take the country-specific context into account to deploy the Orange Group Global Diversity and Inclusion Policy and create their own action plans.

One example is Sonatel in Senegal that set up in 2019 a multidimensional Disability Policy, as a key element of Sonatel’s Diversity Policy to both internal and external stakeholders.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Senegal, in 2018, the disability rate in the population represented 5.9%. Disability is a more common experience among women, with 87 men per 100 women with disabilities. Also in Senegal, disabled people are under-represented in the labor market.
With this policy, Orange Senegal aims to demonstrate its commitment to include and support people with disabilities by strengthening the existing partnerships with local actors, like civil society organizations and public ministries, and by ensuring the commitment at the highest levels of management.

Thanks to the engagement of a large volunteer network, several actions are already being implemented by the diversity actors of Orange Senegal, such as: the creation of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs with disabilities, the creation of a web platform #Handi-Engagée and work on inclusive recruitment strategies together with the HR director.

Contact information: Diversity & Inclusion – Orange Group