PBDN & JPMC study: Moving towards disability-inclusive recovery in employment and livelihood in the time of COVID-19

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29 Oct 2021

The Philippine Business and Disability Network, with the support of JPMorgan Chase, empowers persons with disabilities in the time of COVID-19: A movement toward disability-inclusive recovery in employment and livelihood.

In September 2021, the Philippine Business and Disability Network (PBDN) launched the study report “Moving Towards Disability-Inclusive Recovery in Employment and Livelihood in the time of COVID-19.”  The study was the result of the PBDN’s consultation and research efforts from June – December 2020 to document and describe the experiences and challenges of persons with disabilities in accessing economic empowerment opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study, implemented through the support of global financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co., and endorsed by national government agencies (Department of Labor and Employment, Employees Compensation Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, National Council on Disability Affairs) aims to see how the pandemic affected persons with disabilities’ access to information and services, work and entrepreneurship prospects, as well as their needs to access opportunities in the “new normal”.

During the launch, PBDN’s partner government agencies delivered messages of support affirming their commitment towards the shared vision of a disability-inclusive recovery, and a barrier-free society for persons with disabilities.

About 120 participants attended the event composed of national government agencies representatives, persons with disabilities affairs officers, member companies of the PBDN, sector leaders and advocates, researchers and representatives from the academic and development sector.

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