The Paraguayan Network of Businesses Friends of Inclusion grants their Inclusive Business Seal

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8 May 2023

Last March, the second awards ceremony of the Inclusive Business Seal was held in Paraguay. This seal is awarded to those businesses, public entities and civil society organizations showcasing good practices in their inclusion and accessibility policies for people with disabilities.

A total of 19 businesses applied for different seals. Two businesses, Inmobiliaria del Este and Visión Banco, obtained the Inclusive Excellence Seal, which is the highest distinction and only granted to those companies which fully comply with all the inclusion and accessibility criteria for all their target groups.

Another 13 businesses received the Business Friend of Inclusion Seal for committing to and kicking off their transformation process towards inclusion. Three businesses received the Human Resources Management Seal, three received the Physical Accessibility Seal, two received the Community Seal, two received the Communication Seal and two received the Value Chain Seal. In total, 30 seals were granted.

The Inclusive Business Seal is an initiative launched by the Saraki Foundation and SUMMA, the Paraguayan Network of Businesses Friends of Inclusion. It is supported by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the US Department of State.

The Inclusive Business Seal is a strategy which structures the different steps that a business must follow in order to be inclusive. The first step is demonstrating its willingness to uptake its commitment towards inclusive values, which grants the Business Friend of Inclusion Seal. Then, it needs to work on five different areas (namely Human Resources Management, Value Chain, Community, Physical Accessibility and Communication), each of which granting a seal of its own. Lastly, when a business has achieved all the previous seals and meets all standards, the Inclusive Excellence Seal is granted.