Zain’s GROW programme for graduates with disabilities

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11 Jan 2022

Based on Zain’s targets and commitments towards empowering youth with disabilities, and under the WE ABLE initiative, the GROW programme was launched. GROW was a three-month development programme that supported and taught 28 fresh graduates with registered disabilities from all over Zain operating countries on how to succeed and thrive in their career path.

During the program, GROW participants attended 30 hours of virtual sessions hosted by Zain employees groupwide and learned valuable lessons and gained knowledge and skills related to mastering job interviews, business technology, teamwork and tools.

From this programme and after several assessments to review the performance of the candidates, Zain will be hiring 10 candidates from the programme. This will also support WE ABLE’s targets, which includes an increase of the number of people with disabilities employed by Zain.