Zain’s WE ABLE initiative: Celebrating International Day of Sign Languages

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31 Oct 2023

Zain’s WE ABLE initiative, dedicated to promoting disability inclusion, recently celebrated International Day of Sign Languages with a series of events. These included basic sign language sessions, the launch of the “Zain Sign Language Library” on the company’s website, and the introduction of sign language employment contracts in Zain Jordan. These initiatives align with Zain’s goals of fostering inclusivity, ensuring equal opportunities, and reaffirming its commitment to becoming fully disability-inclusive.

Zain, a leading telecommunications company, is taking a proactive stance on disability inclusion through its WE ABLE initiative. Launched in 2019, WE ABLE aims to make Zain an inclusive workplace by focusing on four key targets: increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, implementing disability-inclusive training programs, ensuring accessibility at all Zain locations, and introducing assistive technologies.

During the recent celebration of International Day of Sign Languages , Zain demonstrated its dedication to these objectives. The company organised group-wide activities, such as basic sign language sessions, enabling employees to grasp the fundamentals of sign language and better communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing community. A sign language trivia game engaged and educated participants, fostering a deeper understanding of this unique form of communication.

The day’s highlight was the launch of the “Zain Sign Language Library,” which offers sign language resources tailored to specific countries, currently featuring Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and Bahrain. Users can learn the basics and common words in sign language, contributing to increased accessibility and understanding. Zain’s commitment to expanding this library to include more languages reflects its ongoing dedication to inclusivity.

In a pioneering move, Zain Jordan introduced sign language employment contracts, ensuring that individuals with hearing disabilities have equal opportunities for employment and professional growth. This step aligns with Zain’s overarching commitment to creating a truly inclusive workplace.