Zain’s “WE ABLE Mentoring Initiative”: empowering employees with disabilities across 7 countries

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30 Aug 2023

Zain’s mentoring initiative, “WEABLE X REACH,” has brought together 14 employees with disabilities from seven operation countries to engage in a personalised mentorship programme, fostering growth in diverse fields including leadership, programming, and cybersecurity.

Under its disability initiative WE ABLE and mentoring initiative REACH, Zain’s “ WE ABLE X REACH ” mentoring programme has enabled 14 employees with disabilities to embark on a transformative journey of professional development. From seven operation countries, these individuals have been granted the opportunity to partake in a mentoring sessions tailored to their specific interests and needs.

This mentoring initiative not only aligns with Zain’s commitment to increasing disability employment but also ensures that employees with disabilities have equal access to skill-enhancing opportunities. By creating an environment where training programmes are disability inclusive, Zain fosters professional growth and development.

The chosen topics for these mentoring sessions reflect the participants’ diverse aspirations. From the pursuit of “Intentional Inclusion” to the honing of “Leadership Skills,” Zain’s employees are immersing themselves in areas that will not only bolster their skill sets but also enhance their contribution to the company and their communities.

In addition, venturing into the realm of technology, employees are delving into the intricacies of programming languages like Python, harnessing the power of data with Excel for beginners, and fortifying digital landscapes through sessions on Cybersecurity. This array of subjects showcases Zain’s dedication to providing versatile pathways for growth, ensuring that each participant’s journey is tailored to their individual goals.

The results of the “WE ABLE Mentoring Initiative” are truly heartening. Participants have reported through survey increased confidence and satisfaction rate, improved skill sets, and a heightened sense of belonging within the organisation.