Zain’s WE ABLE Strategy continues to support employees throughout the hiring process

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30 Apr 2021

Within its efforts to support people with disabilities and enable them to more easily enter the workforce, Zain Iraq held three sessions titled “Hiring Managers”, to train hiring managers on conducting interviews with people with disabilities.

The sessions were led and presented by Sinan Alhani, Head of Talent Acquisition, and Ali Mohammed, Head of Learning and Development, at Zain Iraq. The sessions emphasized the importance of such workshops to increase the employment of people with disabilities in the private sector.

The topics that were discussed during the training included pre and during interview preparations, questions that are encouraged to ask and those that are not, interview etiquette, the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and market opportunities.

The discussions stressed the best ways to communicate with applicants, understanding the potential biases and the ways to remove them from the interview process, handling the interview in a proper manner regardless of one’s disabilities and emphasizing that equal opportunities and qualifications are the only elements that should be taken into consideration.

The workshop was attended by over 80 Managers from across several departments.