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Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Act, 1996 and the Training and Employment of Disabled Persons (Amendment) Act, 2012 describe a “disabled person” as a person who is certified by the Board – (a) to have a long-term physical disfigurement or physical, mental or sensory disability, including a visual, hearing or speech functional disability, which gives rise to barriers or prejudices impeding his participation at an equal level with other members of society in major life activities, undertakings or fields of employment that are open to other members of society; and (b) to be willing and able to work;

ILO Country Profile: The country study outlines the main provisions of the laws in place in Mauritius concerning the employment of people with disabilities.

Quota legislation

3% for any enterprise having 35 or more employees, and parastatal bodies, statutory boards and
committees and companies in which Government is a shareholder.


National business and disability networks or initiatives