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Our goals

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network aims to create a global workforce culture that is respectful and welcoming of people with disabilities. Our goal is to make sure that employment policies and practices in companies of all types are inclusive of people with disabilities around the world. We also work to increase awareness about the positive relationship between disability inclusion and business success.

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ILO Global Business and Disability Network

Our work

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is a unique platform for business-to-business support and peer-to-peer learning on disability issues. The Network facilitates the exchange of knowledge through global, regional and national meetings, both face-to-face and online, as well as working groups, joint publications and tools.

The Network also supports national-level business initiatives on disability inclusion, particularly in developing countries. We provide technical advice and facilitate contact with national business and disability initiatives, disabled people’s organizations, and partners and offices of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Our members lead by example. Through the Network, they share good practices and lessons learned, explore innovative policies and approaches, and highlight the benefits of including people with disabilities as part of a truly diverse workforce. Through its social media presence and newsletter, the Network offers members a global platform to showcase their good work, which in turn encourages other companies to adopt inclusive practices and policies.

The win-win of disability inclusion

15% of the world’s population has some form of disability. These one billion people are often excluded from employment due to negative misconceptions about their ability to contribute in the workplace. But by focusing on skills rather than stereotypes, companies can gain access to a huge pool of untapped talent and maximize the potential of their workforce.

The business case of workplace diversity is been well-established. Employees with diverse experiences have different approaches to problem-solving and can increase a company’s capacity for innovation. Companies that are disability-inclusive report higher levels of retention, engagement and loyalty among their employees. Businesses that show a real commitment to inclusion also enjoy a better reputation among customers and are better positioned to move into new markets.

When businesses commit to including people with disabilities, everyone wins.