When it comes to disability, everyone has an opinion. Still, many invalid opinions hold back millions of people with disabilities globally from entering and progressing in the workplace. Oftentimes, people with disabilities continue to be dismissed, judged or belittled. Mostly, these invalid opinions and comments aren’t even intended to be malicious. They’re well-meaning, but miss the mark, because the person making them assumes the person they’re addressing is weaker, more vulnerable, or less likely to succeed professionally and in life in general because of their disability.

The #invalidopinions campaign puts a spotlight on a number of individuals defying these invalid opinions everyday – asking the viewer to confront their own beliefs and misconceptions that might be inadvertently contributing to millions of individuals worldwide, being held back in the world of work. Your opinion matters. Make sure it’s valid.

The external ILO #invalidopinions website offers a wide range of additional, carefully selected, high-quality videos which challenge assumptions and beliefs about disability.

How to Support

Promotion using our assets
Promote the campaign through your own internal channels, including newsletters, intranets, and social networks such as Workplace, Yammer and Microsoft Teams

Engage your leaders
Townhalls, webinars, calls, and leadership-specific channels are great opportunities for leaders to share their support.

Embed the video
Create your own video library, training hub, or YouTube channels

Encourage employees
to share their own Invalid opinions experiences to create your own video snippets or static case studies. Quotes could be from the perspective of an employee that identifies as having a disability and/or from a team member who held an invalid opinion which was quashed when they worked alongside a colleague with a disability. Tip: be mindful of giving context and avoid sharing any quotes that could be misconstrued

Maximal usage of the campaign
Use the campaign as a springboard for discussion in your organisation's disability network or in Diversity & Inclusion training sessions

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