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The Law on the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, adopted on 17 April 2006 (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 33/2006) was created following the UN Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and, at that time, the draft version of the CRPD.

The Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 22/2009), states that discrimination shall be considered to exist in case of conduct contrary to the principle of respect for the equal rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities in political, economic, cultural and other aspects of public, professional, private and family life (Article 26 – Discrimination of persons with disabilities).

Law on Employment and Professional Rehabilitation of PwD

Law on Pension and Disability Insurance

Quota legislation

2% quota on Employment of PwD for all companies with more than 20 employees;

Labour law defines discrimination but fails to recognize denial of reasonable accommodation as a specific form of discrimination based on disability; enables the employer to terminate the work contract of employee with disability if the employer is not able to offer “adequate” work place without obligation to consider provision of adequate support in the workplace;


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