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1. Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act B.E. 2550 (Thailand 2007b)
2. Disability-specific anti-discrimination law No (ESCAP 2006, Q 10)
3. Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities ( Art. 5)
4. The Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (1998)
5. Skill Development Promotion Act B.E. 2545 (2002)

Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act, B.E. 2550

The Cabinet of the Royal Thai Government rendered a resolution to approve the Ministerial Regulation on the new quota system which public and private organizations are mandated to hire one disabled person for every 100 employees, instead of 200 employees as specified in the Ministerial Regulation No. 1 of the 1994.

Relevant organisations, including INGOs

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