Austrian myAbility Business Forum hits magical mark of 50 members

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5 Jul 2021

In May 2021, the myAbility Business Forum reached 50 business memberships from medium-sized to big companies. The myAbility Business Forum has joined the ILO Global Business and Disability Network in 2018 and is now the largest business-to-business network connecting disability and business in Austria. Its vision is to support the business world to become a driving force for an equal society.

“Reaching 50 business members is a big milestone for us and we feel confident that many more will join”, says Sebastian Brettl, who has been managing the myAbility Business Forum since 2017. Joining the myAbility Business Forum is the first step towards an inclusive corporate culture for many of the members. Networking events for peer-to-peer exchange about disability knowledge and sharing of best practices help companies to gain “disAbility confidence” and fully reveal the potential of people with disabilities as clients and employees. The team of myAbility has managed to keep disAbility inclusion on the business agenda during the COVID-19 pandemic and increased participation through online events. “We have counted over 1,500 attendees at our online events. This shows how disability inclusion gains momentum and how important networks are to drive systematic change.” The message of the 50 companies is clear: “Together we can change how we think about disability in our society and incorporate inclusion and accessibility as business benefit in our organisations.”

The myAbility Business Forum is part of the multiple award-winning social entrepreneurship myAbility.