Carrefour Romania’s recruitment campaign for people with disabilities

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29 Oct 2018

By taking concrete actions, Carrefour Romania managed to make a drastic improvement in the employment of people with disabilities.

Thanks partly to a successful recruitment campaign, Carrefour Romania managed to achieve a 105% increase in the employment of people with disabilities between May 2017 and May 2018. To cater to disability-specific needs and create an inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities, Carrefour Romania implemented several actions:

  • A flexible work schedule depending on physical and mental needs, based also proximity to home.
  • The creation of new jobs in some stores, facilitating the employment of people with disabilities can be easily employed.
  • Increasing accessibility of stores, e.g. access ramps in the check-out areas.
  • A buddy-system to facilitate the onboarding of persons with disabilities.

Carrefour Romania is determined to keep up the momentum and their effort to hire and develop employees with disa