Companies pioneering change – Indonesian webinar on disability inclusion in the World of Work

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3 Sep 2021

People with disabilities need to work for the same reasons as people without disabilities. They want to make a living, utilizing their skills, and contribute to society. However, unlike people without disabilities, people with disabilities often face difficulties accessing training and looking for jobs. As part of the Employment and Livelihood project, funded by a United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund, in mid-August 2021, the ILO office in Indonesia – together with the Indonesia Business and Disability Network (IBDN), the Indonesian Employers Organization (APINDO) – conducted the webinar “Disability 101: People with Disabilities in the World of Work”. This webinar aimed to raise awareness of HR practitioners re people with disabilities by sharing good company practices.

The webinar featured ed speakers from various backgrounds, including Myra Hanartani from APINDO; Dimas P. Muharam, a civil servant with disability at the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology; and Aryo Wibisono, Brand Manager of Burger King Indonesia – a member of IBDN.

Myra Hanartani explained a guideline from APINDO to help companies recruit people with disabilities. Dimas P. Muharam shared his personal experience on how challenging it can be for people with disabilities to access jobs and self-development opportunities. Aryo Wibisono shared the journey of Burger King Indonesia’s initiative to employ people who are deaf in some of their outlets in Indonesia, with the hope to inspire more companies to implement similar initiatives. By having the awareness, it is hoped that more HR practitioners can empower more people with disabilities and more companies to pioneer positive changes in our societies.