Empowering people with disabilities starts with accessibility

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28 Jun 2023

Inclusion of people with disabilities starts by guaranteeing them full accessibility in the workplace. In Poland, Capgemini’s CSR team engages with their colleagues on different accessibility solutions, enabling them to contribute, thrive and succeed within the company.

  • Workplace accessibility: ‘Win with Capgemini’ is a programme that provides people with disabilities personalised strategies, such as tailored workplace adjustments, provision of auxiliary aids, or specialised equipment to remove or reduce any potential barriers. By engaging directly with individuals, valuable insights are gained, resulting in accessible work environments.
  • Accessibility audits: Conducted internally and externally, with the active participation of the CSR team and people with disabilities, ensures that continuous and tangible progress is made on the accessibility status of offices and workstations.
  • Digital accessibility: An accessibility guide was created, equipping all employees with the necessary knowledge and resources to create inclusive digital experiences. The comprehensive guide offers insights into accessibility good practices, from understanding its importance to implementing accessibility features. These tips and guidelines can be circulated and activated in the different celebration campaigns, which are organised throughout the year, such as the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the World Day of the Deaf or the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

All these programmes and initiatives reflect Capgemini’s commitment to promote and support an inclusive work environment, working towards driving positive impact for all.