Learning Goes Digital: A Leonard Cheshire and Accenture Partnership

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29 Oct 2021

The pandemic has exacerbated the learning crisis globally. But what’s more worrying is the shrinking opportunities within the labor market, especially for young people with disabilities. So, the Skills for Prosperity Kenya (S4PKe) Programme funded by the FCDO and led by Leonard Cheshire has partnered with Accenture, a global technology company, to pilot Accenture’s online learning programme in collaboration with two Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

Accenture’s “Learning Exchange (LX)” equips learners with the skills they need to get a job, be successful or build a business. Learners will get free access and support to the LX Platform with more than 140 relevant training courses.

The LX pilot project started in Kenya in August 2021 and will conclude in September 2022.

It involves 240 students and five coaches from two TVET institutions (PC Kinyanjui and Sikri TTI for the Blind and Deaf, which is in a rural community).  The project explores the impact of LX and will assess whether it improves the skillsets and employment outcomes of participants.

An initial funding of US$ 80,000 from the Accenture Foundation will facilitate the provision of 40 desktop computers, with Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader Software installed in five of the computers to help learners with visual impairments.

Sharon Origa, one of the coaches, said: “I am particularly interested to see how learners with hearing impairments will engage with LX, and I cannot wait to hear their experience of using this new technology.”

Many of the learners have already completed their courses and are exploring additional resources using the platform. Daisy Awour, who just completed the course commented: “I can’t wait to apply these skills and go back to the job market. It’s very competitive, but so am I!”