Making Skills and Jobs Inclusive of Young Persons with Disabilities, 14 December 2022

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26 Nov 2022

Young people and people with disabilities are among the most disadvantaged groups when it comes to getting a decent job and progressing in their careers. Unfortunately, when young age and disability are combined, the labour market situation is even more dire. The COVID-19 pandemic has further aggravated the challenges of the estimated 180 to 220 million young persons with disabilities around the world.

This webinar aims to spotlight good corporate practices and experiences from around the world that support young persons with disabilities in entering and staying in decent work, including through disability mainstreaming in vocational skills initiatives.

Speakers include:

  • Patricia Matlou, Inclusion and Diversity Associate Manager at Accenture
  • Leku Sylvie Nakou, Member of Global Network for Young Persons with Disabilities, Executive Director of Inclusive Action for Development and Sustainability
  • Jürgen Menze, Disability Inclusion Officer, International Labour Organization
  • Haibin Zhou, Founder & CEO of Easy Inclusion
  • Bowen Tang, President of International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People

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International Sign interpretation and automatic captioning in English will be provided.