Movimiento Congruencia: 15 years promoting the labor inclusion of people with disabilities in Mexico

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29 Oct 2019

In October, the Annual General Assembly of Movimiento Congruencia and the Awards Ceremony for the 2019 Include Awards took place. The 15th Anniversary of Movimiento Congruencia was also celebrated. Fernando Méndez, President of the Council of Movimiento Congruencia, presented the 2019 Results Report and summarized these first 15 years of promoting, fostering and facilitating the labour market inclusion of people with disabilities in Mexico. He also gave a Special Recognition Award to the two founders of Movimiento Congruencia, José Carrillo Gutiérrez and Octavio Carrera Santa Cruz.

The 2019 Include Awards for Outstanding Practices were also granted. We would like to congratulate and thank the winning institutions: Universidad Tecnológica de Santa Catarina, Unilever, Éntrale, Banregio, Fundación Inclúyeme and Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos del Estado de Nuevo León. Furthermore, new business members joined our movement and endorsed our statement of principles: Heineken Mexico, Chubb Mexico, Grupo Financiero Banorte and Axtel. We thank, commend and support their commitment to the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities, under the principle of equality of opportunity, in Mexico.

This year 2019, a Special Recognition Award for her labour market inclusion career was bestowed to María Raquenel Chao Villarreal. This award recognizes her excellent personal, professional and social career, her progress in the workplace, her actions to promote awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities in Mexico, as well as her great contribution to Movimiento Congruencia.

We would like to thank all those who opened the way for these 15 years of collaborative work to promote the labor inclusion of people with disabilities in Mexico and all the attendees for sharing this important moment with us.

You can look back on this event through our video (in Spanish), the pictures of the event and the 15th-anniversary video (in Spanish). For more information, please visit