Movimiento Congruencia trains agents of change for labour inclusion

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2 May 2022

The +Talento Diploma Course is aimed at developing and designing successful labour inclusion projects for people with disabilities. More businesses need to know how to incorporate this form of talent that used to be disregarded.

The 10th edition of the +Talento Diploma Course had 21 participants representing 11 companies across Mexico: BBVA, Viakable, John Deere, Coppel, Goodyear, CEMEX, PepsiCo, Flex Mexico, Polaris, Caterpillar and Proeza. This was the first edition to take place online.

The +Talento Diploma Course was initially conceived by EGADE Business School and Movimiento Congruencia. In 2016, Éntrale joined this initiative as a strategic collaborator, creating an alliance for the labour inclusion of people with disabilities.

In this 20-week course, participants develop the professional skills needed to design a project for the labour inclusion of people with disabilities which is adapted to the needs of their companies nowadays.

As a result, all participating companies will be able to implement sustainable strategies and to show their commitment towards their societies and stakeholders by executing the project for the labour inclusion of people with disabilities that they design during this course.