Paraguayan initiative acknowledges good practices in inclusion and accessibility policies

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3 Sep 2021

The first seal for inclusive businesses in Paraguay

The ‘Inclusive Business’ Seal is an initiative launched by the Saraki Foundation and SUMMA, the Paraguayan Network of Businesses Friends of Inclusion, aimed at assessing, assisting, and certifying the labor inclusion and accessibility efforts of private companies, public entities, and civil society organizations. It is supported by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the US Department of State.

How is the ‘Inclusive Business’ Seal obtained?

First, businesses aiming at obtaining the seal need to join SUMMA and take part in at least one training session on inclusive rights and policies, after which they will obtain the ‘Business Friend of Inclusion’ Seal. Once the first seal is obtained, businesses will need to measure their performance in 37 indicators, grouped in 5 categories, with a self-assessment tool.

Categories within the ‘Inclusive Business’ Seal:

‘Business Friend of Inclusion’ Seal: This seal is obtained when a business joins SUMMA and follows a training on inclusion and accessibility, thus demonstrating its commitment to start the journey towards inclusion.

Seals by progressive categories: After obtaining the ‘Business Friend of Inclusion’ Seal, the organization will have to certify the 5 categories below. These categories are disaggregated in several indicators related to inclusion policies, processes, and procedures. The organization will need to obtain a certain score for each of these indicators.

  • ‘Human Resources Management’ Seal
  • ‘Value Chain’ Seal
  • ‘Community’ Seal
  • ‘Physical Accessibility’ Seal
  • ‘Communication’ Seal

‘Inclusive Excellence’ Seal: This seal is obtained when all the inclusion standards are met and the business’ efforts deserve the highest of recognitions, once it has obtained all previous seals.

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