Research shows greater action needed on workplace adjustments

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9 Jul 2019

Findings from new research published by Business Disability Forum show that greater action is needed on workplace adjustments.

Based on the views of over 1,200 respondents, The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey provides a detailed picture of what is and isn’t working when it comes to making and managing adjustments.

The findings show that almost three quarters (73 per cent) of respondents working with disabilities or conditions who had adjustments in place felt that the arrangements had made a positive difference, removing some of the barriers they experience in workplace.  However, only 19 per cent felt they had helped to remove all barriers.

The survey raises questions about whether the types of support in place are meeting the needs of employees who have been through the process. Of all survey respondents who have adjustments, under half (44 per cent) said that they had everything they needed.

Another 27 per cent had requested other or alternative adjustments that were not yet in place, and 29 per cent had considered them but decided not to request them.

Concerns over reactions of employers and colleagues were identified as some of the key reasons for not requesting additional or new adjustments.

Diane Lightfoot, CEO, Business Disability Forum, said:

“The survey reveals that adjustments can have a significant and positive impact on the workplace experiences of disabled people or people with long term conditions.

“Yet, our findings also suggest that far too many people do not have all the adjustments they need. Many respondents are worried about asking for adjustments to be put in place, despite feeling that they would benefit from such arrangements.

“If we wish to increase the number of disabled people and people with long term conditions entering into and remaining in employment, then getting it right on workplace adjustments is vital.”

Findings from The Great Big Work Place Adjustments Survey 2019 were published on 27 April. To find out more at #AdjustOurWorkplaces