Respect for the individual, one of the core values of Walmart Mexico and Central America

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29 Oct 2021

Diversity and inclusion have been two key factors for the growth of Walmart Mexico and Central America and, therefore, two main features of the company’s work environment, which have generated a strong workplace culture that guarantees equal opportunities for everyone.

To fulfil this commitment, an Advisory Council for Diversity and Inclusion in Mexico and Central America was founded by senior leaders to develop strategies, programmes, and initiatives to identify, develop, and retain diverse talent – constantly promoting a safe and inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Currently, the Walmart Mexico family is composed of over 4,400 associates with some form of disability.

As a result of the company’s commitment towards inclusion, it received the Entrale 2020 award. This award was granted because of outstanding results in the Work Inclusion for People with Disabilities Index, and it showcases constant efforts and success in the implementation and strengthening of projects promoting the recruitment and retention of diverse talent, which are supported with solid policies.

Currently, the company is directing its efforts towards talent attraction campaigns, with the aim of hiring talent with disabilities, and towards creating alliances with institutions promoting workplace inclusion, such as Movimiento Congruencia.

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